Whispering Memories

WHISPERING MEMORIES tells the story of a three-day long rural wedding, the cultural richness and history of the Taurus mountain region in Turkey. Village youngsters curious to know of past times, engage in conversations with their elders. 'Whispering Memories' is not a story of Armenians who had to leave but of those who stayed behind and silently became Muslims; they are now called the 'Converts'.

Talking Pictures

The photographic journey of Ghazaros Kerjilian to his paternal home town in Turkey and his search for the lost great uncle in 1915.

Memories without Borders

Memories Without Borders is a unique Turkish-Armenian-Azerbaijani documentary, following impacts of troubled histories in individual lives today. Crossing a region as divided by closed borders as rival readings of the past, the film traces legacies of violence stretching from mass murder in Ottoman Turkey in the early 20th century, to war in Nagorny Karabakh in the 1990s. Memories without Borders is a collaboration between CAM Film (Istanbul), Internews Media Support NGO (Yerevan), Internews Azerbaijan (Baku) and the Stepanakert Press Club. It was made in partnership with the UK-based independent organization Conciliation Resources.


A Long Journey of Freedom 

"A Very Long Journey of Freedom" tells the story of a train journey based on human rights in Turkey which was jointly organised by Hurriyet newspaper and the Turkish Railways Administration. 70 hours of filming was done to cover this amazing train journey in over 45 days. Workshops of the Amnesty International, Akbank Children's Theatre performances and many other activities presented the Turkish people of Anatolia what basic principles of human rights are as well as what rights they possess as citizens. This interesting human rights journey on rails supplies a great insight into social, political and economic problems of Turkey in 48 minutes.